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While we are constantly creating content, work in the background never stops. At the moment, we are developing an advanced solution to change the approach to integrated loadout carry for the medic.

Relevant parameters:

►  facilitates efficient equipment carry
►  highly modular
►  feasible for military, LE, and remote medics
►  easily integrates into existing equipment

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Proudly made in the EU


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Today's forward-deployed medic has to face a complex and multi-faceted challenge in the current operating environment: Logistics.


Operating in a remote area with a small team of people usually means that carrying large amounts of sustainment gear is necessary. The medic has to carry his own equipment, including sleeping and shelter systems, clothing, food, water, navigation equipment, communication tools as well as additional equipment dictated by the environment and the mission.

That usually means that the medic will have to carry a large ruck to contain all of these items. However, work at the point of injury requires a lightweight and compact loadout to maintain agility and flexibility. Large rucks are cumbersome and not feasible in these situations.

These diametrically opposed requirements put the medic in a challenging position. Carrying a dedicated, lightweight medical bag for work at the point of injury is often very difficult while already being loaded out with large rucks and sustainment gear. A serious challenge that has not been sufficiently addressed so far.


In order to offer solutions to this problem, we have partnered with manufacturers to bring an innovative approach to the market. We are currently developing and improving the prototypes and will soon be able to publish more information on this topic.

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