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"Guerilla Medicine: An introduction to the concepts of austere medicine in asymmetric conflicts"

by EURMED Actual on 10.02.22

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We do explicitly give permission to download, print and distribute this unchanged and unedited material under the fair-use policy. Commercial use is NOT allowed. This material is to be used for educational purposes only.

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"On today’s rapidly evolving battlefields, a steady supply chain and available medical assets can not be taken for granted anymore. Advancing enemy capabilities and evolving threats are quickly becoming limiting factors in national defense strategies.


With countries employing new concepts for improving their national defense against near-peer and superior adversaries, the use of nationally authorized resistance organizations is becoming more and more prevalent on a global scale.

State-authorized resistance efforts have to be supported by elaborate medical structures in order to remain operational and capable. This publication provides an introduction to the topic of medical support to resistance forces provided by irregular medical services in environments of armed conflict, their structure, functioning methodologies as well as personnel and equipment considerations."

"Guerilla Medicine", European Medics (2022)

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