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The L4P x EURMED IFAK Insert is the response to the need on the battlefield for a piece of medical kit that can be easily integrated into an existing loadout.

The IFAK Insert features:

►  Fits most M4 double mag pouches
►  IR-Compliant design
►  Fully modular interior
►  High-visibility ball-loaded pull tab
►  Comes with EURMED pocket guide
►  Hand-made in Finland

Made and distributed

by L4 Performance

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Proudly made in the EU


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The idea for the GFG x EURMED IFAK Insert was born during the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February of 2022 and the rapid mobilization of irregular resistance formations.


We observed that many guerrilla fighters were adequately equipped in terms of weaponry and load-bearing equipment, however, this kit was mismatched and often inconsistent throughout the units. Further, medical equipment in general was carried in rather inaccessible ways due to the general lack of dedicated IFAK pouches.

After analyzing the situation we decided, that a modular insert that would fit a wide variety of existing pouches would be the best way to make carrying medical equipment easy for the guerilla fighter that has to deal with changing mission profiles and equipment setups.



The IFAK Insert is cut in a way to accommodate the contents of a regular US Military JFAK (Joint First Aid Kit). It fits a standard double M4 magazine pouch and will also work well with modern AK magazine pouches.

The flap of the IFAK offers a large grab handle that can be accessed with gloves or bloody hands. Thanks to the hook-velcro attached to the flap of the IFAK, the IFAK insert can be placed inside of a magazine pouch and have the flap interlock with any loop velcro closure on magazine pouches or placards like the Spiritus Systems Micro Fight MK5. This makes accessing the IFAK contents very easy and intuitive.

When in use with a fully closed magazine pouch, the IFAK Insert can be deployed via the ball-loaded pull tab. It is marked with a high-visibility orange stripe for easy identification on tactical gear.

The inside of the IFAK insert contains two CURV thermoplastic panels that have laser-cut multi-directional lashing points across their surface. Using a bungee cord this solution offers the ability to accept items of any shape and geometry without limiting the user to a pre-selected layout.

The modularity also lends itself to using the IFAK insert for more than just carrying first aid supplies. It can also be configured for surgical airway, vascular access or to carry medication vials. The uses are only limited by the user's imagination.

Lastly, we included a cheat sheet that contains information on the MARCH algorithm, various symptoms of hemorrhagic shock, and a summary of the NATO 9-Line MEDEVAC Request form.

The insert is hand-made by Green Force Gear in Finland from premium materials and is distributed by them as well.

If you have a question about the product, feel free to reach out to us via the CONTACT page!


Our recommended packing list for this IFAK insert:

►  Z-folded packing gauze

►  Hemostatic gauze

►  Small Israeli dressing (4")

►  Mylar blanket

►  Vented chest seal

►  Chest decompression needle

►  Nasopharyngeal airway

►  Tape

►  Casualty Card

►  EURMED Cheat sheet

We recommend carrying the Tourniquet separately and not within your IFAK!


Cordura Laminate

The 500 Denier Cordura fabric is a high-durability material made from Nylon that offers excellent strength and durability with a low weight. It is also extraordinarily abrasion-resistant and robust, making it a classic in tactical fabrics.



CURV is a thermoplastic made from woven polymer fibers. It is characterized by it's superb impact and temperature resistance. It is also structurally rigid in the vertical aspect while remaining flexible horizontally, lending itself ideally for special equipment.

Made and distributed

by L4 Performance

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