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8 €



The long-awaited EURMED Patch.

"Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws."
- Confucius

Product Features:

►  Full-color embroidery
►  Backed by Hook-Velcro
►  8 cm x 4.5 cm size
►  Compatible with any loop velcro panel

EU Flag.png

Proudly made in Europe


TGA EURMED Kit Setup.jpg


Just like an image is worth a thousand words, our patch makes use of multiple elements to convey the ethos of the EURMED community and the idea driving it.


As the central element, the flash signifies decisiveness, rapid action, energy, and clarity. It embodies the core values of the wearer: being a beacon of light for those in need and being able to take action boldly and with confidence, even when the environment is dark and unfamiliar.

One of the most ancient depictions of healing and well-being. The symbol of a snake winding around a staff is dating back to biblical times and the book of numbers (~1400 BC). It bears a dual meaning, signifying both rejuvenation and healing as well as death and danger. A reflection of the work of a medic, dealing with life and death on a daily basis.

A proud reference to our heritage, indicating our European roots that range all across the continent. The circular arrangement refers to community, unity, and balance. The golden, five-pointed stars stand for aspiration, education, and enlightenment surrounding all the other elements.


The diamond is a symbol of strength, presence, and perseverance. Its straight lines and sharp edges personify unwavering discipline and capability. The opposing directions imply the ambivalent nature of medicine: up and down, life and death, healing, and disease.

The color blue has many meanings, most notably stability, loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, and strength. It also symbolizes sincerity, piety, and peace. The golden color depicts courage, energy, enlightenment, and serenity. White is an ancient implication for purity, brilliance, humility, and perfection.

Together, these symbols create our EURMED Crest, reminding the wearer to stay true to these ideals and act as a force of good. Stability, perseverance, discipline, enlightenment, compassion, humility, and a constant desire for improvement are qualities that we put at the center of our actions. Whoever wears this crest shall act in honor of these ideals.

EURMED Diamond.png
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