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Today's forward-deployed medic must face acomplex and multi-faceted challenge in the current operating environment. Operating in a remote area with a small team of people usually means that carrying large amounts of sustainment gear is necessary.

The medic must carry his own equipment, including sleeping gear and shelter systems, clothing, food, water, navigation equipment, communication tools as well as additional equipment dictated by the environment and the mission.

That usually means that the medic will have to carry a large rucksack to contain all these items. However, work at the point of injury requires a lightweight and compact loadout to maintain agility and flexibility. Large rucks are cumbersome and not feasible in these situations.

These diametrically opposed requirements put the medic in a challenging position. Carrying a dedicated, lightweight medical bag for work at the point of injury is often very difficult while already being loaded out with large rucks and sustainment gear. A serious challenge that has not been sufficiently addressed so far.


TIn order to enable the medic to efficiently carry his sustainment gear as well as to allow for rapid access and detachability of his medical equipment, we have designed a medical pack that can be integrated into an existing loadout using a multitude of attachment methods.

It’s attachment system makes it compatible with most current military rucksacks as well as plate carriers utilizing the Crye Precision zipper attachment system. It can easily be adapted to fit a wider variety of packs using interchangeable buckle adapters.

The pack can be rapidly detached from its mounting solution and then independently employed at the point of injury.

It is designed to be used in conjunction with other medical equipment such as medical waist bags or MARCH belts. It is supposed to provide the medic with higher-level procedure capability such as fluid resuscitation, airway and respiration management as well as point of care diagnostics such as POCUS, pharmacological capabilities and other procedures in the medic’s scope of practice.



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What role is this pack suited for?

The pack was designed to be carried during direct action missions and operations where mobility and compact size are the primary requirements. It can also be carried attached to a large rucksack, making it a versatile and multi-use pack for both short-term and longer-duration missions.

This pack is so compact. Can it fit all the necessary gear?

The pack is designed to fit all the gear necessary for tactical field care such as resuscitation and ventilation equipment as well as diagnostics. Basics like bandages and other IFAK-level gear can be carried in a medical waist bag, MARCH belt, chest rig or distributed to your teammates IFAKs to reach a higher supply saturation in the team.

What mounting options does the pack provide?

The pack can be carried as a traditional backpack with the included detachable straps. Using the attachment loops it can be either carried as a traditional backpack or as a slinger bag using just one strap. It also includes a multitude of lashing points that can be used to attach the pack to any object using 25 mm (1") webbing and buckle. In addition to that, the pack features two Crye AVS-standard #10 zippers that can interface with any zipper attachment system with the same parameters. The pack comes with zipper adapters that allow you to mount zip your pack into your large rucksack or plate carrier.

Which Packs are compatible with the zipper adapters?

Using the molle-to-zipper adapters, the Lazarus Pack can be mounted to any MOLLE surface that is 5 Molle rows tall and 6 molle rows wide (like the back of a standard ESAPI size plate carrier). This makes the pack compatible with large rucks such as the USMC FILBE, US Army MOLLE 2 Large, or any other pack accepting molle pouches of that dimension.

Will other zippers such as the Spiritus Systems ones work too?

This pack was specifically designed to interface with Crye Precision-standard size zippers. Other brands using the same zipper standard as Crye Precision will be compatible. However, Spiritus Systems, Ferro Concepts and other manufacturers using proprietary zipper sizes will not be compatible with the EURMED pack. In order to enable cross-platform compatibility, this pack comes with a pair of molle-to-zipper adapters.

Why are the grab handles located on the inside?

When the medic is treating multiple casualties from the Lazarus pack and needs to move between them rapidly, the handles on the inside fold out and can be used to quickly close and move the pack without having to close the main zipper. When not in use, the handles are tucked inside to minimize snag hazard while parachuting or moving though dense foliage or urban terrain.

Will other pouches fit the Lazarus Pack?





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